Billy Holiday - Lady Sings the Blues

Billy Holiday,
Lady Sings the Blues
Billie Holiday used drugs all her life. I do not believe she would be the same musician without it, just the same as if she were born a rich white kid! Her music comes from her experiences and her state of mind, which in most cases (as she seems to show in "Lady Sings the Blues") to be filled with pain and experience...she seems road weary if you will. Being a professional musician back then was a rough, poor, drugged experience. The music of the era seems to reflect this.

As far as her musical technical ability, so what! She's great! She has more style in her fingernail than many other musicians that have the ability.
I love her music...she's going to last forever :)

I think that because of Billie's reputation of drug abuse it tends to overshadow her performances which do not seem drug induced. She is just getting into the feel of the music.

I can't believe someone compared to her to Amy Winehouse. There is no comparison. Billie was an artist, not some talentless pop tart. Elvis and the Beatles were on uppers and downers throughout their performances and you never see any drug comments about that regarding their performances.

Billie Holiday-Lady Sings the Blues, Music Poster Print, 24 by 36-InchLady Sings the Blues

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