The Supremes I Hear A Symphony

I Hear a Symphony [Vinyl]I Hear A SymphonyI Hear A SymphonyWhere Did Our Love Go / I Hear a Symphony


  1. Fantastic group I had all their albums and was fortunate to have seen miss Ross twice in Vegas what a performer, one of the best...The performance in the rain was amazing

  2. I love a bit of soul. Well.... as a musician it's hardly surprising is it!

  3. Jim you were fortunate to see Diana Ross live. Her performance in the rain was her best in my opinion.

    Yeah Marty, I think every musician that is good has a little soul in them.

    Thanks gentlemen for coming by and checking out classic soul music.

  4. that was the time love wine and song. this stuff they have today,has no soul. i don't think i missed a single show of american bang stand. the music of the 50's and 60's were the best. thank you for the trip back. did they ever do a bad song. i don't know of one. thank you and god bless


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