Classic Soul Music Has A New Look

With you in mind I had to give Classic Soul Music a new look and a better template.

One that would be easier to load and easier to navigate through better.

I do miss the old look of the boom box because it captured the essence of the look that was needed to me to match the look of the theme of Classic Soul Music.

For those of you who has never seen the old look, it is the picture that you see above.

I had to change the look because to me the old template was to jumpy and took to long to load.

This was beginning to drive me nuts!

Then I thought if I'm having this problem with the template that anyone who comes to visit my site was too!

So, I redesigned Classic Soul Music.

I made this new look to be similar to a new theme that still captures the essence of Classic Soul Music.

I think having the stage lights in the back ground does the job well because most of the stars would be on a stage and you would see them under these big old light beeming down on them.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new design.

So, do you like the new look or the old one?

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