Odyssey - Inside Out

Odyssey - Inside Out (Original 12'' Version) above.

An all time favorite of mine.

Too Bad no one makes music like this anymore. Great years, Great Music!

Slave produced 'Inside Out' for Odyssey, that's why it sounds very much like "Watching You".

Odyssey - Inside Out 1982 video.

New York born band famous for their contribution to the disco era.

The New York born Lopez sisters, Lillian, Louise and Carmen Lopez formed Odyssey back in the mid sixties. By 1968 Carmen Lopez had left the group and was replaced by Tony Reynolds. He also left the group after the first album and was replaced by Bill McEachern. Now stood the final line-up for Odyssey, who had their first hit in 1977 with Native New Yorker.

Further hits followed including the disco classics, Use It Up And Wear It Out (1980), If You're Looking For A Way Out (1980), Going Back To My Roots (1981) and Inside Out (1982), all reaching the top ten in the charts.

By the beginning of 1983, the group had disbanded and moved on to other projects, although none attained the success achieved with Odyssey.

Lillian Lopez, your music will live on forever, absolutely a magical voice.


Classic Soul Music

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